State of European Tech 2019

Atomico has now published The State of European Tech for 2019, a 244 page report which covers the venture capital sector in great detail.  This is a must read report for investors and founders operating in the European venture capital sector.

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Tech Nation Report 2018

Tech Nation has released it's 2018 report — the most comprehensive guide to the UK’s digital tech ecosystem to date. Using a rich mix of official, open and web data, the Tech Nation Report 2018 dives deep inside the themes that are essential to the success of the UK’s tech entrepreneurs. For the full [...]

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Seedcamp closes fund IV

One of Europe's leading early stage venture firms closes it fourth fund at £60 million, more then 30 times the first fund raised in 2007.  Seedcamp is looking to invest early in world-class founders attacking large, global markets and solving real problems using technology.  Typically they can lead a pre-seed round or invest alongside other [...]

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GP Bullhound announces €65m fund

GP Bullhound Fund IV holds first close at €65 million, continuing its successful strategy of investing in Europe´s future digital stars.  GP Bullhound Fund IV continues our commitment to invest in Europe’s best technology entrepreneurs, from early stage to pre-IPO. The fund benefits from a proprietary deal flow coming from both GP Bullhound’s advisory [...]

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Fintech Ecosystem

Given London's position as the global financial centre and a core technology hub it is not unsurprising that Fintech has become a core area for innovation.  The interest in the sector has created a specific ecosystem based in London supporting the sector with industry bodies, incubators and venture funds dedicated to the sector. This [...]

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Venture Market Update

Looking across the many organisations providing data on the venture market place a few trends are very clear and should be factored into any company fund raising activity: total venture investments are up strongly for both deal count and amount invested for all main regions. Current EU venture investment rate is double that in 2012 [...]

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Fund raising – pitch deck

The pitch deck is a core platform for fund raising.  Its aim is to simply and clearly communicate the investment proposition to potential and existing investors. Clarity of the message is key since this will both inform the recipient and assure them that the team is able to communicate effectively to potential customers and [...]

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Fund Raising Process

Raising external finance is one of the key challenges faced by start-ups and a central theme of Foundry Exchange.  This site provides an index to the many routes to raising funds but critical to these options is having a funding strategy and being able to present your idea along with the team, the company [...]

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Company Building – critical path

Building a company is like building a house, you need a vision of the final outcome but, to get there, you need a plan and construction is done brick by brick. Building a company is much the same, you need a plan but you also have to build it step by step and keeping [...]

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The State of European Tech 2016

Atomico publishes the second edition of it's "State of European Tech" report with the tag line: the future is being invested in Europe. We set out to establish a clear picture of how Europe's ecosystem has evolved in 2016, and where we need to do more to better [...]

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