Dawn Capital has closed a $125 million Opportunities Fund to invest in later stage round in it’s existing portfolio companies from prior funds. In June 2018 the firm closed Dawn III at $235 million for investments in Series A and B rounds.

Our sweet spot is working with founders when they have gotten their product right and revenues are beginning to scale up. Everything is going right, and everything must change.

As they scale up, founders can no longer touch every customer, marketing is a science, finance graduates from focusing on cash to focusing on value.

And the product that got you here isn’t the one to get you there. Our goal and our privilege is to join your journey in building an iconic company that stands the test of time.

Dawn Capital has made a name for itself by spotting interesting B2B startups in Europe at an early stage and investing alongside more established funds, with companies like iZettle (acquired by PayPal last year for $2.2 billion), Mimecast (IPO’d and now worth $2.8 billion), Collibra and Showpad in the portfolio.