London based Trint closes a £2.4 million series A round with Hong Honk based Horizons Ventures as the lead investor having previously closed £1.2 million in three seed rounds. The company was founded in September 2014 by Jeff Kofman, the award winning journalist with deep knowledge on the lack of transcription software. Seed investors include the angel-led crowdfunding site, Angels Den and other individuals.  Bart Swanson, a frequent investor in UK based  machine learning software companies, joins the board from Horizons Ventures.  Other UK investments include Summly (sold to Yahoo) and DeepMind Technologies (sold to Google).  Previously he was COO at London based Badoo. Horizons Ventures has 17 investments in Europe, of which 7 are in the UK, 24 in Israel, 6 in Canada and 32 in the US.