Online Investment Networks

The online platforms listed below give access to online funding networks of angel investors.  For additional resources see the Incubator, Accelerator and Co-working , Online Networking Resources and UK Funding Sources pages.

F6S is home to 1.5 million tech founders, 600k startups and more than 12,000 startup programs globally. F6S delivers founders more than $1 billion per year in opportunities, funding, grants and services. An excellent place to  access startup programs, incubators and accelerators.  Their news letter is a key access route to the startup ecosystem.

AngelList started as a deal-by-deal co investment site enabling qualified individuals to invest alongside a network of angel and professional investors.  They have now expanded to offer an access fund which selectively invests in AngelList deals and  a professional investor service for more institutional organisations.  The service also supports networking and job search.

Gust’s suite of tools and services has helped over 450,000 founders start, grow and fund their companies.  Mostly used to find early stage capital and from angel investors and access accelerators.  There are also tools to incorporate a company and to run a range of corporate services.  Many of these are aimed at the US market and legal system.

matchcapital is helping entrepreneurs source funding from professional investors through algorithmic matching.  Based on a simple monthly subscription fee this resource can take some of the guess work out of identifying and contacting investors.

VentureFounders is a UK-based equity investment platform designed to make angel and venture capital-style investing more accessible, affordable and transparent. “We believe that this market should be open to all who can afford it, as long as they understand the risks associated with early-stage investment”. An investor through VentureFounders, can invest from a minimum of £1,000 in some of the UK’s fastest-growing and most exciting companies.

Venturescape is a curated database of the best UK early-stage and growth companies. They aggregate a huge number of quality data sources, research and opinion, to build a rich profile of each business.  Then they blend machine-based analytics with human oversight to assess various metrics, building a reliable assessment of company’s potential. They also seek to leverage the power of the community, in gathering and presenting peer-group feedback and ratings.

The UKBAA DealShare is a private, members-only platform designed to improve deal flow and create co-investment opportunities for the UKBAA community. The DealShare allows UKBAA members to share deals with one another via a simple online marketplace, either by listing and managing the deal themselves, or by referring an entrepreneur that can be invited to do this directly.