Patient Capital Action Plan

The UK government is a major player in the UK early and growth stage marketplace with multiple programmes to fund and support innovation and the knowledge economy.  Just to pick three; SESI/EIS tax relief assisted over 5 thousand companies to raise more than £2bn in 2015-16, the Enterprise Capital Funds programme has committed over [...]

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SEIS/EIS – using EIS

EIS is a tax efficient scheme operated by HMRC to encourage support for early stage companies. The details of the scheme are given here: Enterprise Investment Scheme EIS/SEIS advance assurance application form The scheme has both initial an ongoing requirements and the company is limited to a total of £5 million from venture capital [...]

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SEIS/EIS – tax benefits

The following info graphic provided by Kuber Ventures gives additional information on the benefits of each scheme.  Investors tend to focus on the immediate tax reliefs but the lifetime value is in the elimination of capital gains tax on profits and loss relief which can be taken against income.  Taken together, these are a compelling [...]

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SEIS/EIS – summary

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) are tax efficient schemes established by the UK government and operated by HMRC through the income tax system. Based on figures published in May 2019: Enterprise Investment Scheme Since EIS was launched in 1993-94, over 32,000 individual companies have received investment through [...]

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Fund Raising – early stage introduction

Entrepreneurs looking to raise early stage finance are faced with a rich but complex ecosystem just at the time when they have much else to do and little experience of this opaque market.  This and related posts provides some independent views based on personal experience of leading or by being directly involved with more [...]

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Fund Raising – early stage sources

The UK early stage ecosystem is well developed with many options for early stage companies to consider.  This post examines the alternatives and provides some insight as to the significance of selecting any funding source.  The alternatives given below can be used in combination to establish the company.  Later funding rounds, if required, are [...]

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