Governance – board strategy

This and related posts cover key board management issues often experienced by early stage and rapidly growing companies.  The views expressed are based on the hands-on experience of over 500 board meeting across more than 25 individual companies at all stages from creation to exit. In law, the group of individuals elected to the [...]

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Fund Raising Process

Raising external finance is one of the key challenges faced by start-ups and a central theme of Foundry Exchange.  This site provides an index to the many routes to raising funds but critical to these options is having a funding strategy and being able to present your idea along with the team, the company [...]

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Fund Raising – early stage introduction

Entrepreneurs looking to raise early stage finance are faced with a rich but complex ecosystem just at the time when they have much else to do and little experience of this opaque market.  This and related posts provides some independent views based on personal experience of leading or by being directly involved with more [...]

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Fund Raising – summary

Fund raising is a necessary activity in most high tech venture backed companies. However, there is little independent guidance to assist the first time founder and experience entrepreneur through this complex and critical process. This series of posts aims to close this gap with advice from individuals deeply familiar with the process.  Not all [...]

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